Why Full Bars

What we can do for
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Custom Solutions

Working with Full Bars provides access to custom solutions designed for your unique requirements. Our carefully developed partnerships, product choices and experience allows us to consistently deliver cost effective solutions that work.

Every project is unique and deserves our full attention. We combine the latest design and analysis software with solid carrier relationships. Your effective solution is the outcome of our rigorous project management approach:

  • Provide an in-depth brainstorming session to fully understand the reality of the project.
  • Develop a detailed scope of work (SOW) document that lists tasked categories, descriptions, hours of work, access, safety procedures and delegate important contacts.
  • Oversee development in terms of realistic timelines, budget and quality, and identify variables in product choice and expectations.
  • Communicate and provide consistent reporting on schedule, budget and overall progress.
  • Strategize the roll out of the project from launch to stability and provide ongoing consultation and maintenance.

Staying Connected with
Cell enhancement

People today are tech driven and computer savvy. Our lives revolve around our devices, and our ability to talk, text and stay connected is critical.

Outdoor coverage (the macro network) has improved steadily over time with more cell sites and improved dropped call rates. However, in-building coverage of offices, commercial buildings and residences can be impacted by barriers beyond your carrier’s control. Building materials like concrete, tinted glass or even your building’s location can create indoor coverage gaps.

When this impacts your business, a solution is required.

Full Bars Communications offers a complete, professional cellular signal solution for small and large building infrastructures, as well as extraordinary situations. From detailed site surveys to professionally designed “turnkey” cellular signal solutions all fully approved by Canadian based Carriers – our experienced design team works closely with the Cell Providers to design innovative and cost effective solutions tailored to your building’s exact requirements.

Structured Cabling Specialists

Your ability to access information and contact customers is directly related to your network infrastructure. The proper solution, its design and installation will ensure that your business is always informed and responsive.

We focus on your business requirements, not selling you specific vendor platforms based on the lowest price point — enabling us to help our customers identify their business requirements, turn those requirements into working specifications and then match the best product offering.

We offer a multitude of professional services such as consultation, design, installation and documentation of physical layer infrastructures. We consolidate platforms that are commonly outsourced to multiple organizations and can pair these services with pre-construction assessments, project management, quality control and continued on-site staffing. Full Bars provides customers with a complete solution that will satisfy their current needs and protect them from unseen future requirements.

We will help you evaluate, design and install the optimal integrated system for your business needs.

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